Meru is different. From the start, Meru's founders envisioned the All-Wireless Enterprise: a world where wireless is the equal of wired, offering equivalent performance and security – and of course, much greater mobility and flexibility. This led them to develop a virtualized Wireless LAN, with an architecture in which controllers manage clients as well as access points. The artificial boundaries created by microcells are erased and each client remains connected to a single Virtual Port no matter where in the network they move. Meru Virtual Cell wireless LANs offer single-channel operation, centralized control of all air traffic and smooth handoffs – all features that are now standard in cellular networks. Recognized by Gartner as the first Fourth Generation wireless system, Meru's early innovations led directly to virtualized Wireless LANs, the technology that threatens to end wired Ethernet's dominance at the network edge.
Solving the problems of Wi-Fi
Meru Networks has re-engineered Wi-Fi, while remaining entirely compliant with 802.11a,b,g and n standards.

The re-engineering manifests itself in three headline, mould-breaking features:

  • Single Channel
    - All Access Points deploy on the same channel eliminating the need for channel planning and removing channel interference.
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC)
    - Provides more efficient contention enabling more users per access point
    - Ensures fair distribution of airtime amongst all clients
    - Provides over the air QoS with both uplink and downlink control.
  • Zero Delay Roaming
    - Client roaming between APs is Controller initiated, the client does not know it has roamed.
    - Roaming occurs with zero packet loss


  Meru Video:

These features have a dramatic effect on the ease of installation, user experience, and management workload in a number of vertical markets and give even more pronounced benefits for the deployment of 802.11n.

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