First Trans-Pacific Mobile Broadband Video Call Made Possible by Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Networking! Alcatel-Lucent’s ground-breaking new technology, lightRadio™, took a big leap toward commercial reality with the first trans-Pacific mobile broadband video call made on 25thAugust. In front of a group of reporters, the call linked locations across the United States and China. The locations included Alcatel-Lucent’s Shanghai Bell demo centre, an LTE-connected van traveling the streets of Shanghai, and the Bell Labs’ headquarters in New Jersey. With representation from China Mobile, the call was made over the operators’ TD-LTE Trial Network. This network was set up to aid delivery of high-speed services to customers in China and the video demonstration showed the great advances Alcatel-Lucent is making toward this goal.

History In the Making: Wim Sweldens hosts the video call from the ASB demonstration centre in Shanghai with an audience including ASB’s Chairman, Yuan Xin. Dr Todd Sizer of Bell Labs sits beside Alexander Graham Bell’s desk in Murray Hill and China Mobile’s Jiang Xing and ASB’s Zhao Qi take the call from the LTE connected van.

Video at the speed of lightRadio Global demand for mobile video is booming with the mass adoption of mobile devices like smart phones, new applications such as social-networking, gaming, and other video-based web sites. Service Providers must meet these demands with additional network coverage and capacity, allowing customers to share bandwidth-hungry applications such as video, fast and in real-time. lightRadio shrinks and simplifies traditional bases stations, breaking down the elements and distributing them throughout the network to meet operators’ needs for increasing capacity and quality as well as addressing other main challenges: Eco-sustainability: By reducing the power consumption of traditional mobile networks by up to 50%, lightRadio will provide operators with a major advantage in reducing their carbon footprint. Crossing the Digital Divide: The architecture and small size of lightRadio and use of technological advances in microwave backhaul means the technology can be deployed anywhere power is available – from electricity, sun or wind. This provides greater choices for deployment – even into areas where mobile broadband delivery has been difficult or even impossible in the past. Reduction of Operators’ TCO: The smaller size and ability to deploy lightRadio in a greater variety of locations means it has a lesser impact on operators’ costs – including site, maintenance and energy – allowing up to an estimated 50% reduction. A Real Market Opportunity
The wireless industry is evolving rapidly and new methods for the introduction of technologies, devices, and applications must be developed to meet that pace. With its co-creation model, Alcatel-Lucent engages customers during all stages of product development, making it a more open and dynamic process. Perfect examples of the co-creation model in action are Alcatel-Lucent’s lightRadio co-development agreements with China Mobile, France Telecom/Orange and Telefonica. The global market opportunity for lightRadio is huge with over 100 operators interested in the technology around the world. China is a prime example of the demand for video and other high-speed applications. In 2010 just under half of the world’s new mobile broadband connections were made here! See lightRadio™ at the ASB Booth during PT/EXPO COMM in Beijing, China from September 26-30 and find out more here:    

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